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When is the right time to check the rear axle?

When is the right time to check the rear axle?

Can you hear distressing sounds especially when driving on uneven surfaces? Time to check the rear axle has come!

Rear axle which is commonly used in French cars has its lifeteme. Any damage to the axle components requires immediate repair. This article focuses on rear axle regeneration in French cars.

What causes disturbing sounds and what may be their cause?

Any disturbing sounds coming from the rear of the suspension are usualy generated by the rear axle. It plays a very important role in the vehicle, has a significant impact on safety, so you can not ignore any symptom that may suggest damage. It is important to have the vehicle diagnosed by an expert.

If the damage symptoms are neglected, the consequences can be very serious, with the need to replace multiple components.

What can be the consequences of neglecting the first symptoms?

After a long time, the geometry of the wheel will be affected. The upper part of the tire is directed to the inside of the wheel, which results in a significant decrease in vehicle performance.

As a consequence, the wheel may wear out, by grinding the wheel.

In extreme cases, a torsion bar may break.

What is the problem with the rear beam?

The root cause of rear axle problems is the damage to the gufero ring through which dirt gets into it and damages the bearing by deforming it.

For regeneration it is necessary to correctly mount both sides of the swingarm and the joystick.

What can we do for you?

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